Audio Conferencing

Warren Global Reservationless Audio Conferencing

Reservationless Audio Conferencing

No scheduling required, do-it-yourself audio conferencing with security and reliability. Participants simply dial in the designated number and enter a secure passcode. Ideal for ad hoc and informal phone meetings as well as announcements to smaller groups (typically fewer than 30 participants). Available 24/7.

Additional features include:

  • Custom greetings
  • Custom wallet cards
  • Online custom passcode forms
  • Passcode portal for administrators
  • Optional call form
    • Chairperson dial out
    • Meet-me
    • Host-secured conference
  • Post-conference summary report
  • Automated roll call
  • Entrance/exit announcement
  • Participant mute/unmute
  • Optional enhancement: High definition voice quality 

Warren Global Reserved Audio Conferencing

Reserved Audio Conferencing

Highly qualified Conference Specialists handle every detail of the audio conference. Available in various call formats: Traditional; Elite Entry and DiamondPass. 

This executive service is ideal for high profile events such as quarterly earnings announcements, interactive board meetings, distance education, company town hall meetings, press conferences and conferences with controlled audience participation. Requires a reservation that may be submitted online, via phone call or email.

Additional features include:

  • Custom greeting and operator script
  • Online custom reservation forms
  • Full Conference Management
  • Online passcode forms
  • Recording capabilities including CD and FTP
  • Backline (for behind-the-scenes communications)
  • Formal question and answer session
  • Participant list
  • Optional enhancement: High-definition voice quality